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Project Peacock Episodes

Manufacturers: Share your story on ProjectPeacock.TV by highlighting your customers and how they help theirs achieve creative and business results with your offerings. REQUEST A PROPOSAL to be included in our next round of filming. Bring your partners along to show the value proposition of your ecosystem in action.

Printers: Reach out to your paper, press, and technology vendors and let them know YOU want to be featured on ProjectPeacock.TV

Designers and Marketers: Reach out to your print partners and let them know YOU want to collaborate for an episode of Project Peacock. 

Everyone benefits from promotion through Project Peacock, the global reach of this initiative, and Print Media Centr’s channels.

Current ProjectPeacock.TV Stats

Launched Sept 12, 2022

Site Video Views Sept 12, 2022 – Jan 31, 2024: 172,560

Catch up on our current episodes, and contact us if you are ready for your closeup!